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Team members undertaking data entry


Data entry functions within an organisation are typically dreaded by those who manage labour budgets. If mistakes are made in the process, they can lead to the double handling of tasks and increased costs. We accumulate enormous amounts of data that needs to be accessed so that business analysts can review and provide business intelligence reports to managers immediately.

Data entry can be handled from anywhere in the world. Reduce the cost of your data entry needs by co-sourcing them with Site Axial.

Site Axial has a robust and secure IT infrastructure that can handle the most tedious and repetitive data entry jobs that a business must perform. 

We work with companies across a range of highly regulated industries such as education, finance, construction, transportation, and engineering.  

Our team of specialists can complete your data entry needs at a faster and efficient rate, accurately following your company format and set turnaround times. 

Some of the functions our data entry specialists are currently undertaking include:

  •  Catalogue data entry
  •  Order tracking
  •  Compilation and classification
  •  Data encoding
  •  Cloud-based data management

We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our co-sourcing solutions to provide you with the most cost-efficient service possible.


Contact us today to discuss how our co-sourcing solutions can help grow your business.