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Site Axial’s Co-Sourcing model combines the advantages of having your business outsourced and still having the full control of the results. We will provide all the business support that you need; from assets, facilities, staffing and employment management, to shared support services. This tactic enables you to get rid of the hassles of these tedious tasks, while you maintain control of the remote teams' output and monitor their KPIs.

Why Co-Source with us?

Less and controlled costs

With Site Axial’s capability to provide full-house assets and facilities to our talented staff, you will enjoy as much as 70% less cost on salaries and turnover expenses.

Expertise and Professionalism

You will have the advantage of dealing with an ASX-listed company composed of highly motivated and talented people with at least 15 years of experience.

Ownership and Control

With Site Axial’s co-sourcing model, we enable you to manage the activities of your dedicated remote team—this will ensure of the team’s compliance to your company’s best practices, and set tailor-fit to the goals and KPIs.


Contact Site Axial for a free consultation on how your business can increase its competitive advantage through co-sourcing.