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Co-sourcing human resources (HR) has become a strategic business response of industries becoming more globally connected. Today, HR professionals require more time to focus on developing growth initiatives to support organisational performance.

Co-sourcing HR functions in your company can reduce a large amount of stress on your line managers and HR department, and it can help keep recruitment costs under control.

Site Axial can ease you of the time-consuming HR processing bottlenecks, with the help of our experienced team of professionals who are trained in all levels and verticals of HR functions.

Businesses grow when employees are happy, focused, and taken care of. This responsibility needs full attention from HR professionals, which they will be unable to do if they are constantly bogged down by administrative and repetitive tasks.

Our range co-sourcing solutions for human resource include:

  •  Phone screening
  •  Recruitment processes
  •  Compliance management
  •  New employee induction management
  •  Onboarding
  •  Reference checks
  •  CV formatting of personnel for project compliance
  •  Sorting of flights/accommodation of on-site personnel

We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our co-sourcing solutions to provide you with the most cost-efficient service possible.


Contact us today to discuss how our co-sourcing solutions can help grow your business.