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Here is a list of the 10 question we get asked the most. Browse through them to find the corresponding answers.


What are the services offered by Site Axial?

Site Axial offers a suite of outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions for Accounting, Data Entry, Document Control and Management, Engineering, Drafting and Detailing, Quantity Surveyors and Estimators, Human Resources, Administrative Support and more.


How will the project be handled if I co-source with Site Axial?

Site Axial’s co-sourcing model combines the advantages of having your business outsourced while still having the full control of the results. We provide all the business support that you need; from assets, facilities, staffing and employment management, to shared support services. This tactic enables you to get rid of the hassles of these tedious tasks, while you maintain control of the team’s output and monitor their KPIs.


What are the qualifications that your employees hold?

Our team comes from a diverse range of industries whose works are compliant with the Australian and international standards. These experienced, qualified, and competent professionals leverage their respective expertise in various specialisation, so you can focus on other areas of business growth.


What is your security and confidentiality policy?

At Site Axial, security is our topmost priority. This is backed up by our experience working for tier-1 international clients that have projects of massive scale. We understand the need to keep certain documents confidential because they contain sensitive and proprietary information that should not be publicly available.

All our hardware components are secured to prevent unauthorised access, reproduction, transfer or circulation or storage of files. Furthermore, employees are screened and trained thoroughly in data security and business process. Employees sign confidentiality agreements prohibiting them from disclosing confidential and proprietary information.


Do you have the adequate infrastructure and technology to support my business?

Site Axial is situated in Clark Freeport Zone in the Philippines. Our 300,000 m2 facility has a dedicated IT, HR, Sales, Web Development, Marketing, Document Management, Data Entry, Accounting, and Administration departments to support your business needs. We utilise our international business systems department and other service providers in Australia to ensure that the software utilized for your co-sourcing needs is the leading edge in online security and encryption.

Our IT infrastructure includes a fibre optic connection with the necessary firewalls, antivirus and recovery systems in place.


What is your billing arrangement?

Site Axial charges in Australian dollars (AUD), providing you with a competitive advantage in hedging against foreign exchange rates.


What is your contract standard?

Contracts entered with Site Axial are subject and governed by the laws of Australia and the Republic of the Philippines, in abidance to our corporate social responsibilities.


What is the management fee for?

Site Axial's management fee is a retainer for the ongoing services that we provide. This covers the cost for administrative, legal, and co-sourcing backend work required to ensure seamless business operations.


What would be the operating hours of my co-sourced team?

In general, your co-sourcing team will follow your business schedule and the standard 8-hour workday.


What is the time difference between Australia and the Philippines?

The western part of Australia and the Philippines are in the same time zone (AWST UTC +8:00). The major economic cities and hubs on the east-coast of Australia are two hours ahead of the Philippines. This time difference, does not and will not affect your operating hours as your co-source counterpart will adjust operations, and servicing accordingly to match yours.