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Large amounts of documents ordered neatly. Or large amounts of paperwork being scanned neatly.


Document control and other administrative tasks are tedious business functions that involve huge labour expenses. However, if it is done correctly, it can save businesses from costly rectifications.

Co-sourcing Site Axial for document control and management allow you to focus on your core business.

We live in a data-driven world and accumulate large amounts of information, whether on paper or digitally. No matter where you store your documents, we have the apt solution for you. 

Our team of highly skilled specialists are well-versed in various regulatory environments related to records management. We safekeep and store your documents in our secure servers located in Australia and the Philippines, ensuring that certification verification is abided too.

Your records are accessible to you at any time when you need them, whether it be for auditing or tax purposes. We have established workflow processes for various documentation procedures including internal imaging and scanning, before saving a copy in a format most suitable for your company. This allows you to quickly and easily access the documents you supplied to us for management.

The documents management functions that we currently offer are:

  •  Document quality assurance
  •  Document controllers
  •  Technical assessment of documents and determination of priority level
  •  Data encoding
  •  Titling of documents/drawings
  •  Soft copy archiving

We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our co-sourcing solutions to provide you with the most cost-efficient service possible


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