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Picture of the gym.

Studies indicate that when employees are happy and healthy, they become more productive at work.


Site Axial encourages fitness and wellness by providing facilities for physical, mental and social development.



Picture of the gym.


Our gymnasium has ample equipment which are similarly found in gyms all over the world: from treadmills and exercise bikes, to free weights and multi-function stations. The gym is self-contained, air-conditioned, and has a sound system that can be operated and plugged into employee devices with preferred music or a selection of preprogrammed music. The Site Axial facility also offers a running track that goes around the proximity of the area, which is 2 kilometres in distance.

Picture of the gym.


We have two bars inside the facility that are manned from 5 pm onwards. Both offer a range of basic drinks, meals, and can be converted to an events venue. Our bar staff are trained to ensure the safety of patrons, staff, and clients so that they do not become irresponsibly intoxicated.


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